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The violin is the smallest member of the string family. Sound is produced by drawing the bow across one of the four strings or by plucking the string with a finger. All string instruments produce sound in the same manner.
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Fetures:The violin is played with the instrument under the chin on the left side.

2)A shoulder pad is used under the violin and on top of the left shoulder.

3)Teachers may encourage the use of a simple foam pad or a pad that attaches to the bottom of the violin.

4)The right hand holds the bow at the bottom (the bottom of the bow is called the “Frog”) and draws the bow over the strings.

5)The correct hand position for both hands as well as posture and arm positions are critical at the beginning stages.

6)Beginners should not practice extensively without guidance from a teacher. Developing bad habits at the beginning stages may be very difficult to break

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